The cost of running the orchestra and presenting a concert are predominantly met from ticket sales. The costs include venue and music hire, insurance, printing, publicity, and payments to soloists, our Music Director and a few freelance players who boost our wind and brass sections on the day of the concert.

Some concerts are more expensive to promote than others, but as a registered charity, we budget to balance the books over the course of a normal season. 

We invite sponsorship for individual concerts, pieces or soloists that might fall outside our usual budget.  Your support would, for example enable us to book a concerto soloist who may have performed with us as a student, but is now an established professional player.  Or it may help us to perform a piece, where the music hire fees would otherwise be prohibitive.  Or perhaps you have a favourite piece you would like us to perform.

We are very open to your suggestions and flexible as to what form any sponsorship might take.

If you would like to consider sponsoring a specific piece, a soloist, or a concert, please contact our Chairman, Jerry Ryall at info@dorsetchamberorchestra.org